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Issue 006

January 31, 2019

Hey hey!

Happy Thursday!

Today, I’m asking myself where in there world did January go?! In a blink we’re already a month into the new year.

How are you doing? My hope is 2019 is treating you well.

Have a great day!


CSSans Pro by @zerospree
CSSans Pro is a new project by Codrin Pavel and I really, really dig it. It is a font, entirely design and created in CSS. What’s even more impressive is the documentation and the selectors that Codrin and Izabela came with that allows you to utilize CSSans Pro.

Behind the scenes of Thrive Goals a project by @JustinTranJT
I really enjoyed this behind the scenes look at what it took Justin to build a task management system specifically targeted to Princeton University students. What’s really neat is Justin doesn’t just go into the problem he’s solving or the tech stack, but he takes a dive into solution crafting and explorations of user journeys.

Color by CloudFlare Design
Color is neat project by the design team at CloudFlare. You can preview UI elements against various palettes and cycle through accessible color combos.

Spell It Out by @michaelsoolee
In the tech industry, there is an enormous amount of acronyms that are used. Being in a meeting where you don’t know what one means can make you feel like you’re out of the loop. Spell It Out is a crowd-sourced site that spells out acronyms you might see in the tech industry.


@ossia Using jealousy as a guide tweet

@callmevlad What people want tweet

@rkoutnik Why programmers like cooking tweet

@sunnysinghio Have you ever explained your code to a rubber duck? tweet

Eye candy

Loaders - @aaroniker
I really love how funky and spunky these little loaders are. From the design to the timing, they are so different from any other loaders I’ve seen before.

Sortable List - @bsehovac
As a developer, one of the challenging UX experiences to implement for me is sortable lists that you can drag and drop. In this Pen I thought Boris did an excellent job of implementing a smooth animation and using spacing to show intent.

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