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Issue 005

January 10, 2019

Hey hey!

I hope you’ve been having a great week so far!

This week I found so many fun, great tips and resources via Twitter. So, today I wanted to start this issue with sharing some of my favorites.

Did you know, GitHub this week announced that every account gets unlimited free private repos. Have a peek at the tweet below and let the projects and experiments commence!

Have a great one!


@googledocs You can now create new Google documents using the .new domains tweet

@natfriedman GitHub CEO announced this week that all GitHub accounts now get unlimited free private repos!!! tweet

@desandro Dave Desandro shares a Flexbox tip for creating a grid without the use of percents or calc(). Is this the end of traditional grids with float and percentages?! tweet

@cameronmoll Cameron Moll of Authentic Jobs fame, shares lessons he’s learned while building for the web for the past 20 years. The thread has so many good nuggets of wisdom tweet

@mijustin Justin Jackson puts into perspective how long it took for some well known software companies to go from side project to actual companies tweet

Eye candy

Peach Fish - @reaganhenke
Pixel art has a special place in my heart. Seeing this pixellated fish animation warmed my heart and made my day.

Marching Macarons - @cassidoo
Remove the eyes (so I don’t feel so bad for wanting to eat them) and have these macarons just march on into my mouth!

Grid Experiment No. 7 - @julesforrest
Menus for restaurant websites are hard…which is why many times restaurants will just upload a PDF version of their menu on the website. In this Pen, Jules beautifully used Grid to make this menu in HTML and CSS. It’s even responsive and it works really, really well.


Really easy way to use HTTPS on localhost by @rhymes
I’ve tried testing a Rails app in the past on my local dev machine where it needed a HTTPS connection. This looks like something that would’ve saved me a lot of time and headache.

The Learning Wish List by @juantalon
As a developer, you’re always in constant battle of should I learn this other new tech that came out last week or always trying to be ahead of the curve. I really appreciate this idea of a wish list that Jag details in this article to help keep those feelings at bay.

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